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Attic Insulation in Hurlock, MD

This Hurlock, MD home was suffering from a lack of insulation. Lawson Home Services was able to assist the homeowners by removing the old insulation and replacing it with new. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Wyoming, DE

These homeowners in Wyoming, DE were suffering with an uncomfortable home due to their vented crawl space. The insulation in their vented crawl space started to sag away and caused air to flow through it. With the constant air flow the crawl space formed condensation and high humidity. This can lead to mold growth, odors and wood rots. 

Dr. Energy Saver has a simple solution to help these homeowners with their vented crawl space. Dr. Energy Saver will install a CleanSpace Encapsulation system on top of their dirt floor as well as install SilverGlo along the walls of the crawl space. This helps seal off any unwanted air from leaking into the crawl space. The results are low humidity, warmer floors upstairs and lower utility costs. 

Finally, these homeowners can live comfortably in their own home while also saving money!

Fixing an Uncomfortable and Drafty Home in Wyoming, Delaware

Homeowners in Wyoming, Delaware were experiencing cold drafts coming through their downstairs and kitchen. Unsure of where the cool air was coming, they phoned Dr. Energy Saver. 

Our In Home Comfort Specialist then came out and sat down with the customer, listening to the issues that they were experiencing first hand. After a brief sit down, we inspected the home finding the problem that was causing the cold draft and increase in fuel and electric bills.

We then came back out with our production crew and got to work. Immediately, we attack underneath the unisulated bay window sill where air leaked inside the home. Also the kneewall space where cold air was coming through the leaky fascia/soffit assemblies.

With those issues fixed, the homeowners felt immediate comfort inside the home. Another satisfied customer with Dr. Energy Saver. 

Reduce water from entering through crawlspace entrance in Felton, Delaware

Homeowners in Felton, Delaware noticed water seeping in through their access crawlspace door into the crawl area.

This could cause humidity levels to rise resulting in condensation all over the crawlspace. Also during the winter time, cold air leaks will potentially become a problem for the homeowners causing cold floors above and cooling heating ducts. Higher fuel and electric bills will stem from these problems. 

Dr. Energy Saver then was called out to find the source of how water entered the crawlspace. We found water stains on the liner which means the crawlspace had standing water previously but evaporated with the heat levels inside of there. The entrance door to lacked the proper sealing resulting in water seeping through and coming into the crawlspace.

Seeing those penetrations, Dr. Energy Saver installed our Turtl Crawl Space Access System. This is an airtight door and a sealed access well in one durable unit. This airtight design is a watertight and durable crawl space access that keeps your crawlspace clean and healthy. 

Reducing Mold, Humidity and Odors in a Crawlspace

This Felton, DE homeowner knew he needed to have his nasty crawlspace looked at by a professional. Lawson Home Services prepared the crawlspace for proper mold treatment by removing moldy, damaged isulation from the crawl space ceiling and applying a mold treatment. A CleanSpace Encapsulation System with Drainage Matting was installed along with a SaniDry Sedona Crawl Space Air System and a SmartSump Crawl Space Drainage System to keep the crawlspace dry at all times! 

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