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HVAC Duct Cleaning in Newark, DE

Take a look at this picture. Would you want to breathe the air inside this HVAC duct? As if Delawareans don't have enough problems with allergies, adding dirty ductwork on top of their allergy problems is likely to drive their respiratory system into a sneezing - coughing frenzy.  If Pete could have seen what our duct cleaning tech saw when he opened up his ductwork he'd have been calling Lawson Home Services a very long time ago. This particular case was really bad. Every time the heating or air conditioning system kicked on this disgusting junk was blown all throughout their house in Newark, DE. Poor Pete! ACHOOOO!

And that's just the start of the problem. Dust and grime makes its way to the HVAC coil wreaking havoc with the sensitive operating pressures. In this case the air conditioner was operating so inefficiently it wasn't cooling the house at all. If let go much longer it would have resulted in complete compressor over heating and lockup, which is a very expensive repair typically amounting to thousands of dollars. And worst yet, it typically happens on the coldest or hottest day of the year when your air conditioner or heat pump is struggling the most to keep up. You don't need that. 

Fortunately there's a solution: Lawson Home Services' Platinum Duct Cleaning Service. We not only clean your ductwork so that it looks like the day it was installed, we also clean the coils of both your indoor and outdoor unit, thus prolonging the life of the equipment, and allowing it to operate much more efficiently. This means increased comfort and lower utility bills. That's a win-win situation.
So don't procrastinate. Call Lawson Home services today and get on our schedule. You'll breathe a whole lot better when we get done ... literally! 

Radon Air Mitigation in Newark, DE 19711

A concerned homeowner in Newark, Delaware, reached out to Lawson Home Services when they discovered their current radon mitigation system wasn't working as expected. After testing for radon, they found levels of 6 pCi/L, which raised alarm bells for their family's health.


Putting their family's well-being first, they wasted no time seeking solutions and reached out to us. We made sure to walk them through every detail of the installation process, ensuring they felt informed and at ease every step of the way. Our team of licensed installers then worked diligently to set up the radon mitigation system.


Once the installation was complete, the family breathed a sigh of relief, knowing they had taken proactive steps to safeguard their home. With the radon levels reduced, they could finally settle in and enjoy their home without worrying about their loved ones' health. If you're concerned about radon exposure or indoor air quality, reach out to our radon testing company today for expert radon testing services and radon remediation solutions. Our team of radon inspectors and mitigation contractors is here to help you achieve a radon reduction system that ensures your home's safety and peace of mind.


Radon Mitigation in Newark, Delaware 19711

Our radon mitigation systems are designed and installed by certified professionals using proven techniques and high-quality equipment. We conduct post-mitigation testing to ensure that radon levels are effectively reduced to safe levels.


When a worried resident in Newark, Delaware, detected dangerous radon levels, they knew immediate action was crucial for their family's health.


Putting their family's safety first, they promptly contacted Lawson Home Services for assistance. We ensured they understood every step of the installation process, providing them with peace of mind throughout. Our licensed installers worked diligently to set up the radon mitigation system tailored to their needs.


Upon completion, a radon test was conducted, and is now 0.5 pCi/L which is within the average outdoor radon level. If you're concerned about radon exposure or indoor air quality, reach out to our radon testing company today for expert assistance. Our dedicated team of radon inspectors and mitigation contractors is committed to ensuring your home's safety and providing you with peace of mind.


Radon Mitigation in Dover, Delaware 19904

A homeowner in Dover, Delaware, reached out to us concerned about their indoor air quality and potential radon exposure. Upon conducting radon gas testing, we confirmed elevated levels, indicating a need for immediate action to address radon exposure risks. With our expertise in radon remediation and mitigation, we swiftly installed a radon gas mitigation system to improve indoor air quality and reduce radon levels in the home. At Lawson Home Services, we are committed to providing comprehensive radon testing services and expert radon mitigation installation to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients. If you're seeking to enhance your indoor air quality and reduce radon exposure risks, contact our radon testing company for professional assistance and a radon reduction system tailored to your needs.


Sealing the insulation in this wall section was among the many improvements Lawson Home Services did in this Smyrna, DE home.
The problem here is the backside o0f this fiberglass insulation has no air sealing. As a result its ability to insulate is seriously compromised by an effect known as "wind washing" where small air currents drive right through the open fibers and allow transfer of the energy the insulation is intended to block. The solution is to install SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation over top. The SilverGlo™ provides three levels of comfort and energy protection. First, the air flow is blocked, stopping the wind washing effect. Second, it provides an additional layer of insulation. And third, because it is shiny, it reflects radiant heat off the surface, which is very important when summer temperatures in the attic can reach 150 degrees. 

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