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Your new home & your new radon mitigation system

Whenever you have just purchased or are about to purchase a new home it is a great idea to get tested and install a mitigation system as soon as possible.  Living with high levels of radon simply isn’t necessary.


We often are treating homes that are under contract or were recently purchased, and in some cases we can even do the install before you move in.


Air Sealing in Townsend, DE

This homeowner in Townsend, DE., was suffering from cold rooms in the winter, warm rooms in the summer and poor air quality within the house. 

The cause of this homeowner's troubles was air leakage in their attic. Due to poorly installed insulation and air sealing, this allows air from within the house to leak into the attic. Once the air is inside the attic it is lost causing high electric/fuel bills and making it harder to heat or cool their home.

Dr. Energy Saver offers an easy solition to their problems. By air sealing their attic and reinstalling insulation, no air can leak in or out of the attic. Now the homeowners can have the results they wanted while also saving money in the process! 

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Harrington, DE

We have encapsulated a crawl space in Harrington, DE. We installed a CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System with perimeter drainage and drainage matting. It has a SmartSump with a remote alarm. The insulation was removed from the floor and we installed 2" foam board on the perimeter walls along with R-21 closed-cell foam in the rim joist. We also installed a Turtl Crawl Space Access System.

The floor was air sealed along with duct sealing to bring the total duct leakage under the current 2009 iecc code for new construction. The house leakage is now below average.

Flex Duct Cleaning Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality for Harrington, DE Family

The flex duct in this new Kent County home didn't stay clean very long after construction. Dust from construction and the first couple years of residence settled in quickly. After the duct work was sealed to prevent outside air from entering, the Dr. Energy Saver crew cleaned the supply and return lines along with the indoor and outdoor units. This Harrington homeowner now has clean ducts and can breath easier.

Crawl Space Access Installation in Harrington, DE

This homeowner wanted an easier way to get in and out of their crawl space.  After calling Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and meeting with one of our Certified Home Comfort Specialists, the homeowner decided on a great product we offer called the TURTL.  The only one of it's kind, the TURTL is an airtight, watertight and lockable crawl space access system that will not rust, rot or ever need painting.  This wonderful product even comes in a variety of colors making it an aesthetically pleasing and useful addition to any home.

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