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Dryer vent clean-out in Georgetown, DE

A dirty dryer vent may not seem like a big deal, but in addition to being a fire hazard it runs up your gas or electric bill. The clothes dryer uses more energy than any other household appliance and works by evaporating the moisture off your clothes then blowing the moist air away.  The faster the airstream the faster your clothes get dry, and the less it costs. So keeping dryer ductwork clean is important.


Lawson Home Services technician measured the speed of the airstream coming directly out of the dryer at 18 mph.  But hooked up to the dirty duct the poor dryer couldn't even get the airstream up to 5 mph.  But after a thorough clean-out the airstream was cruising along at 15 mph, a threefold improvement. 

Cold Bathroom in Milton, DE

This homeowner in Milton, DE was experiencing an unusually cold bathroom in his 2005 home. 

Lawson Home Services discovered there was no insulation at all in the attic over top this bathroom and installed TruSoft™ Cellulose Insulation. 

Dryer vent clean out in Milton, DE

We see this all the time, severely clogged dryer vents that not only seriously reduce the drying ability of the dryer and drive up energy consumption costs, but create a potential fire hazard. 


Lawson Home Services was called out to clean the dry vent of this Milton, DE home. 


You can see from the before and after pictures, we left this dryer vent sparkling clean. Now the homeowners clothes will get dry a lot faster than before.

Dryer vent COMPLETELY clogged in Lewes, DE

The clothes dryer in your house uses a lot of energy, more than any other appliance. That's why it's crucial to make sure it works really well. Dryers remove wetness from your clothes by pushing the damp air outside through a special duct tube. So, it's essential to clean that tube regularly, especially if it's a long tube, to keep your dryer running efficiently. Over time that saves a homeowner a tremendous amount of money.


Dryer ducts have a special one-way flap where the duct exits the house, to keep vermin and insects from entering your home through the ductwork. The flap on this duct had become frozen shut by the dirt and lint. Once the Lawson Home Services technician cleaned the ducts and fixed the flap this dryer was working like a champ  

Pests in this dryer vent - Lewes, DE

Sometimes the flaps on your dryer vent get dirty and don't close properly.  This allows all kinds of dirt and debris to get inside the dryer ductwork, including things brought in by vermin seeking a nice warm home.  That appears to be the case here, in this Lewes, DE home.  As you can see in the picture, in addition to the lint left behind by the dryer exhaust there are seeds and grass, which indicate mice, rats, or birds have been hanging out in this nice warm shelter.


Lawson Home Service's technician cleaned out the flex-ductwork and flap to improve the amount of airflow and ensure the unwelcome visitors did not return in the future to wreak havoc upon this unsuspecting homeowner. 

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