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Does Delmarva power perform energy audits?

Delmarva Power itself does not conduct energy audits; however, independent contractors are available to carry out these audits as part of the Delmarva Power Rebate Program.

Has radon gas ever caused fatalities?

Indeed, radon ranks as the second highest cause of lung cancer, leading to approximately 21,000 lung cancer fatalities annually. Among these, roughly 2,900 deaths are reported in individuals who have never smoked.

My neighbors house tested high for radon, does that mean mine will too?

If your neighbor's house has high radon levels, it doesn't automatically mean your home will too. Radon levels can significantly vary due to numerous factors, including the concentration of uranium, radium, thorium, and other radioactive materials in the soil, as well as their decay rates near the building. Additionally, a home's ventilation plays a crucial role; buildings with better airflow may reduce radon levels, while those with tight insulation can trap radon inside. The most reliable way to determine your home's radon levels is through testing.

What makes inhaling radon gas dangerous?

Radon gas breaks down into radioactive particles that cling to airborne particles in our homes. When inhaled, these particles can alter lung tissue, potentially leading to lung cancer after prolonged exposure. The risk increases with higher radon levels and longer exposure durations.

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