Case Studies

Case Studies

TruSoft™ Cellulose Insulation
The Problem: Air leaks at the top of home with poorly insulated attic In a vented attic temperatures are cold in the winter, and warm in the summer. In the summer, the suns...
Duct and Filtration Cleaning in Easton, Maryland
Usually in high volume situation such as running, relieving stress, or just taking an huge sigh of relief we tend to breathe in air through the nose and out of the mouth....
TruSoft™ Cellulose Insulation Upgrade in Bear, DE
These homeowners wrote in to us, "We are losing the battle with heating our home...", "We are pretty sure we probably need some new insulation but are not sure how to proceed."  We...
Improving Air Quality & Radon Mitigation
Jane was aware that she had radon in her home.  Having not felt well lately, Jane, and her husband, decided they needed to address the issue to insure they were taking...
Standing water and ground water issue in a crawl space.
One of our inspectors, Megan, was called out about some issues with a homeowner’s floor.  There were three specific areas where the floor seemed “soft”...
Wet Crawlspace & Microbial Growth
What is lurking under your home? This home in New Castle, DE was experiencing high humidity and microbial growth. Isn't it time to get your home healthy?
Everything You Need to Know about Duct Cleaning
Homeowner’s want their home to be clean and comfortable in all aspects, but what about the parts of the house they don’t see every day? How many times a year does...
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Salisbury, MD
The owner of this Salisbury , MD home had complaints of cold floors and odors coming up from the crawl space. The wet conditions in the crawl space had caused the fiberglass...
Radon mitigation and system performance.
  My radon mitigation fan is running, how do I know the system is working? (...and what’s a manometer?) Your new home may have a radon mitigation system already...
Aeroseal- Duct Sealing from the Inside
A lovely couple in Dewey Beach, DE recently replaced their HVAC unit but also knew the importance of having their ductwork cleaned and sealed to make their new unit as efficient...
Ductwork Sealing
We often get calls from homeowners who think they need completely new ductwork.  This can be for a number of reasons.     -Maybe you can see holes or...
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