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Before and After Pictures from Georgetown
Dryer duct cleaning in Georgetown, DE

Dryer duct cleaning in Georgetown, DE

Before After
Dryer duct cleaning in Georgetown, DE Dryer duct cleaning in Georgetown, DE

A dirty dryer vent may not seem like a big deal, but in addition to being a fire hazard it runs up your gas or electric bill. The clothes dryer uses more energy than any other household appliance and works by evaporating the moisture off your clothes then blowing the moist air away.  The faster the airstream the faster your clothes get dry, and the less it costs. So keeping dryer ductwork clean is important.


Lawson Home Services technician measured the speed of the airstream coming directly out of the dryer at 18 mph.  But hooked up to the dirty duct the poor dryer couldn't even get the airstream up to 5 mph.  But after a thorough clean-out the airstream was cruising along at 15 mph, a threefold improvement. 

HVAC Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE

HVAC Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE

Before After
HVAC Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE HVAC Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE

Ductwork gets dirty, just like anything else. This before and after picture of the ductwork in. georgetown, DE home shows just how nasty the ducts can get, and what they look like after Lawson Home Services' technician completes the clean out. They almost look brand new. 

Look at the before picture. Would you want to be breathing air that passed by all that yuck, duct, allergens and microbial growth which can lead to the growth of unhealthy mold? Of course not. That's why you're going to the phone right now to schedule a Platinum Duct Cleaning Service by Lawson Home Services, the number one trusted name in Duct Cleaning, Home energy efficiency & comfort improvements, and radon mitigation on the Delmarva Peninsula. 

Keeping the Attic Cool in Sussex County

Keeping the Attic Cool in Sussex County

Before After
Keeping the Attic Cool in Sussex County Keeping the Attic Cool in Sussex County

Another perfect job by Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva. The SuperAttic Conversion System makes the attic a more comfortable temperature year round. This Georgetown homeowner converted his attic to a SuperAttic before installing the new HVAC. If you have duct work or your HVAC in the attic, you need the SuperAttic.

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Georgetown, DE's Proven Radon Mitigation & Insulation Contractor

We had been talking about needing to upgrade our insulation, and immediately we noticed less draft and the heat pump...
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Reviews From Georgetown
Testimonials From Georgetown
I anticipate further positive relations with Dr. Energy Saver in the future.
Testimonial by David L. from Georgetown, DE
I left it to Joe & Carlos of Dr. Energy Saver, The Pro's, & they brought reduction in air leaks down...
Testimonial by Fran & Krista T. from Georgetown, DE
I can't remember the girls name who answered the phone but she went over and above to accommodate an...
Testimonial by Rose L. from Georgetown, DE

Home Insulation & Air Duct Repair Services You Can Trust in Georgetown

Lawson Home Services is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with the least amount of hassle.

Home Insulation & Air Sealing

Does your home feel too hot in the summer or cold in the winter? Are your heat and air conditioning constantly running to keep your home at a comfortable temperature?  If so, odds are your home is in need of an insulation upgrade. At Lawson Home Services, we specialize in home insulation and air sealing services that can help improve the energy efficiency of your home. We offer a variety of insulation services including rigid foam, blown-in. cellulose, fiberglass, radiant barrier, and much more. We understand that using the right type of insulation is only half of the equation, and because of this, we can insulate your entire home including the attic, basement, walls, garage, and much more. If your home is in need of an insulation upgrade, contact the experts at Lawson Home Services today for a FREE quote, we fix uncomfortable homes! 

Custom Home Energy Audits

The best way to determine what the cause of your home's inefficiencies are is by performing a home energy audit. Our custom home energy audit can help us discover the root cause for your home's issues, and while we are going through the house, we can figure out what solutions we can use to permanently fix this. Before we start going through the home, we will sit down with you to see what your primary concerns are, and we will make these issues a priority. Once we have completed the audit, we will talk with you again to go over the results and our findings. Based on what we uncover, we will make recommendations to fix your home and create a more energy-efficient environment you and your family will enjoy for years to come! Contact us today for a home energy consultation. 

Radon Testing & Mitigation 

Radon is a naturally occurring invisible & odorless gas that can have a big impact on the air quality of your home. Radon is also the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke. High levels of radon gas are commonly found throughout Delaware & E. Shore Maryland and because radon gas cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted the only way to ensure that you and your family are not affected by this dangerous gas is to have one of our experts visit your home and perform proper testing. Radon testing is the fastest & most effective way to ensure the safety of your family. Depending on the results of the test, Lawson Home Services can offer several radon mitigation solutions that will limit exposure to the gas and also ventilate it away from your home. Our radon mitigation methods are highly successful and we always stand behind our work! To learn more about radon gas mitigation and testing call or click today!

Case Studies From Georgetown
The owner of this rural home near Georgetown, DE wanted to reduce the humidity levels in the crawlspace. Lawson Home Services energy auditor, Ryan...
This home in Hawthorne development, near Georgetown, DE had just completed in mid May of 2023. The homeowner was concerned because the humidity...
Job Stories From Georgetown, DE
Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, Delaware

Dust Accumulation, Clogged Air Vent, and Mold Growth in Georgetown, Delaware.

A homeowner in Georgetown, Delaware noticed significant increases in their energy bills throughout the year. Upon investigation, the homeowner expressed concerns about mold growth in the bathroom and dust accumulation around the supply registry. The following signs indicate that the air quality of the home has been compromised.

The homeowner is concerned about the indoor air quality, allergen, and dust accumulation and its impact on their family's well-being, especially since their son has asthma and has been on a ventilator for three years. Unfortunately, the homeowner has never addressed this issue before. 

The potential problem was indoor air quality and clogged air vent which was retaining moisture inside the home especially their bathroom and living room where they spent most of the time. The damp environment promotes mold and mildew growth; these mold spores trigger respiratory issues and allergies in young and adults. 

The homeowner chose Lawson Home Services due to our proven track record of excellent service in Platinum Duct Cleaning. We prioritize the well-being of homeowners and provide services that benefit every home. In this case, we recommended the homeowner opt for Platinum Duct Cleaning service, which would significantly improve indoor air quality and save energy. 


After receiving our Platinum Duct Cleaning service, the homeowner noticed an immediate improvement in the indoor air quality. Lawson Home Services is dedicated to helping homeowners address their concerns about duct cleaning, indoor air quality, and overall home maintenance.



Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, Delaware - Photo 1Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, Delaware - Photo 2Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, Delaware - Photo 3Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, Delaware - Photo 4
Annual Maintenance in Georgetown, DE

The Sedona SaniDry™ dehumidifier was installed in this Georgetown, DE home some time ago. Lawson Home Services was called to do the annual maintenance on it. This service is quick and inexpensive, but the paybacks are well worth it. 

During the service we do the following:

  • Filters are removed, cleaned and replaced.
  • The unit is checked to see the settings are correct and have not been changed.
  • We test run the unit and check the output to see the machine is performing as it should.
  • Condensate pump operation is checked and hoses are inspected and cleaned as needed.

As you can see in the "before after" picture below, the unit is set to 43% and the humidity of the output, as measured by a sensitive test instrument shows the unit is maintaining exactly the same humidity. Everything here is A-okay. See you next year.

Annual Maintenance in Georgetown, DE - Photo 1
Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE

Kids can be hard on a home systems, especially when HVAC registers are located on the floors of the home. This Georgetown, DE homeowner wanted to reduce dust and allergens in her home. Lawson Home Services' sales person, Michael Medianick, went out to assess the situation. 

Michael found dirt, debris, parts of children's toys, and even Goldfish Crackers down inside the registers. Much of the debris had gone even deeper into the ductwork. The inside of the ductwork was a fuzzy mess. The return duct was showing a major mold bloom which was feeding off the moisture in the air and the dirt being sucked into the return register.

Seriously adding to the dust problem was a disconnected dryer vent connection which turned a huge amount of fine lint particles into the air. 

There is only one solution when the problem gets this bad: Lawson's Platinum Duct Cleaning Service. When Lawson's meticulous crew gets done your ductwork will look like it was just installed brand new. 

Dryer vents can easily become kinked and disconnected. Lawson Home Services solves this problem quickly and easily with MagVent™ magnetic dryer vent connector which automatically aligns and pulls the flex duct tight against the outlet fitting. 
Typically in these situations we also recommend sealing the ductwork from the inside with AeroSeal™, an amazing product designed by a brilliant research scientist at the University of California. 

Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE - Photo 1Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE - Photo 2Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE - Photo 3Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE - Photo 4Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE - Photo 5Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE - Photo 6Duct Cleaning in Georgetown, DE - Photo 7
Energy Audit at new home in Georgetown, DE

Lawson Home Services Energy Auditor, Ryan Wurzel, recently conducted an audit at this recently constructed home in Georgetown, DE. The homeowner called because he was experiencing unusually high humidity levels in his home, as were many of his neighbors in the new Hawthorne development on Route 9 east of Georgetown. 
The testing confirmed the home was built very tight and needed no additional air sealing. The duct work was sealed with mastic and tape. The problem with this is that mastic cracks and tape fails to hold over time. This leaves the possibility of developing leaky ductwork in the future, having the potential to drive up energy costs. One solution to this is to have the duct work sealed from the inside out with Aeroseal™. 

High humidity levels in crawlspaces is to be expected in this Mid-Atlantic coastal climate. The solution is simple: Install a Sedona SaniDry™ dehumidifier in the crawlspace. This homeowner has requested we return for this installation so he can be sure his new home will not start growing mold and the wooden floor structures will not become soggy and begin rotting.   

Energy Audit at new home in Georgetown, DE - Photo 1Energy Audit at new home in Georgetown, DE - Photo 2
Work Requests From Georgetown, DE
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
The home we own was built 5 years ago and was built in large part during the winter of 2014/2015. We had a mold issue in the basement that was remediated by the builder before we move in. Disinfectant was used, drywall was cut and replaced and commercial dehumidifiers were onsite for months. I have not noticed the problem since that time. However, we only spend a few months a year in this home and I notice that my allergies are worse here in the winter months than they are at any other time of the year. I spoke with my PCP and she indicated that there could be a mold or allergen issue in the home. I see you do mold testing but i need to speak with someone about your services and how you test for mold and whether you perform air quality testing for allergens?
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
Expensive electric bills
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
Crawl space needs to be insulated. Looking for a price.
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
I need to insult under my mobile home .
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
Need insulation added to our attic
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
Hello, I'm Kerry John how are you doing today ? i will like to know if you can handle an Window Replacement at my house? Best Regards...
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
Crawl space ,roughly 1300 square feet
Project Location: Georgetown, DE
Home insulation. Unconditioned crawl space. Uninsulated floor.

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