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  • SuperAttic™ system keeps attic cool in summer, warm in winter
  • warrantied installation and professional service
  • Many solutions: spray foam, rigid foam, blown in cellulose and fiberglass

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The professional manner that the energy audit was handled - all matters were explained completely. The office staff was courteous and helpful. The installation crews arrived on time and were courteous. After the job was completed the crew performed an excellent job with cleanup.
- Cindy in Wilmington, DE

Recent Testimonials
  • "John was asked about out company's services by a phone survey and this was his response." Read Full Testimonial

    John B. of Salisbury, MD

    Customer Testimonial

              The production crew came in, got right to it and certainly didn't fool around. The one man that does the actual blow in of the insulation went above and beyond the call of duty on some of the areas he had to get too. They didn't mess around which is exactly the way I like it. I'm very pleased with the work.
    John B.
    Salisbury, MD
  • "I wanted to pass this along in case anyone was interested in having their home checked through this special..." Read Full Testimonial

    Tina S. of Centreville, MD

    Customer Testimonial

              Hello everyone! I wanted to pass this along in case anyone was interested in having their home checked through this special incentive. Since we moved in, we have had challenges with high propane bills, drafty rooms, air leakage, etc and wanted to get a professional audit so I could figure out ways to conserve and be more comfortable. We had our audit done today. Our Energy Consultant was Kevin Knowles from "Dr. Energy Saver." He did an extremely thorough audit of the whole house which included an evaluation of the crawl space, attic, blower door test (to test for actual percentage of air leakage), and he used thermal imaging to detect areas of missing/low insulation and leakage in walls and around base boards. He was extremely knowlegeable, and I could tell he took his job seriously and cared about giving us great customer service. Generous tax credits and rebates from Delmarva are anticipated for 2012, so any work you may want to have done will become more affordable as well as increase comfort and allow the potential to save on monthly energy bills. If you call, please ask for Kevin and tell them Tina and Brandon Squibb sent you! Good luck, Tina :0)
    Tina S.
    Centreville, MD
  • "Innovative products with the technical knowledge to back it up." Read Full Testimonial

    Susan K. of Seaford, DE

    Customer Testimonial

              Just two of the reasons we chose Dr. Energy Saver was the innovative products that they offer and the knowledge they demostrated about home performance and how they could fix the issues we were having.
    Susan K.
    Seaford, DE
  • "Ron A. first learned about Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and everything we do when visiting our booth at a local..." Read Full Testimonial

    Ron A. of Newark, DE

    Customer Testimonial

              Ron A. first learned about Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and everything we do when visiting our booth at a local health fair. A few months later he was ready to call us in to get his Newark. DE home evaluated and solve some comfort issues they have been experienced. During the inspection, our technicians found some insulation deficiencies in the garage, the attic and the crawl space. There was also mold in the crawl space, something that Ron didn't know before the inspection. The garage was insulated and the attic received 25 extra inches of blown cellulose to bring it up to the recommended R-Value for the region. The crawl space was insulated, sealed and a dehumidifier now controls humidity in the area to keep mold from coming back.
    Ron A.
    Newark, DE
  • "Everybody that was involved in going through the house was very good." Read Full Testimonial

    D. M. of Ocean Pines, MD

    Customer Testimonial

              Everybody that was involved in going through the house was very good. From the time they walked in to the time they walked out. They were neat and clean. They cleaned everything up, inspected everything in the house and took care of everything.
    D. M.
    Ocean Pines, MD
  • "The Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva team asked Anita how she felt about our company and services. This was her..." Read Full Testimonial

    Anita M. of Dagsboro, DE

    Customer Testimonial

              1. Can you share the problem you had with your home that prompted you to call Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva? A: We have a second home in DE that we hope to have as a permanent year round home in the next few years. It is an old, drafty house that has proper insulation and sealing issues. We wanted to start making the house more efficient and to control our heating and air conditioning costs. 2. Can you share with us your experience with the crew? A: Frank was wonderful. He was courteous and polite. The first day of the insulating job it was extremely hot and he arrived to work by himself. Not only did he have to work in the heat but he also had to kill a snake that was in our attic. After he was there for an hour or so, I wanted to head to the beach for the day. Frank had told me that it wasn't a problem and that he would lock up for me. I came back 3 or 4 hours later to find the doors locked and the whole area cleaned up. I would have never known that he had even been there to work that day. The next day he was lucky and had another co-worker with him to help. And once again, I had to leave to head home to PA which is about a 4 hour drive. He said he would lock up, but I told him that my neighbor would be over to lock up and turn off the water for me. I wanted to be able to leave the water on in case the men needed to use the bathroom. He offered to lock up and turn the water off. My neighbor went over at the end of the work day and all doors were locked and the water shut off. And again, everything was cleaned up as if they had not been there. The work was complete and my neighbor assured me everything looked great. 3. Can you share with us your experience with the office staff? A: They have always been friendly, courteous, patient and helpful. Especially when it came to be able to get us a convenient appointment since we aren't at the house full time. 4. Can you share with us your experience with your sales rep? A: Dave was extremely thorough and explained what was going on in our home in a way I could understand. He spent six hours there with me that day going over everything and discussing my concerns. He didn't push or pressure me to use the services. 5. Did we meet your full expectations? A: Yes. In fact, we have another appointment set up soon to take the next step in our process to make it our year round home (Windows & Doors). 6. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, what rating would you give us? A: 9 7. What would be the top 3 reasons you would tell a friend to hire Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva? A: Fair pricing, knowledgeable, caring and I have to also add a #4 which is great clean up.
    Anita M.
    Dagsboro, DE
  • "Dr. Energy Saver overall gave me more reliable information. Information that made sense." Read Full Testimonial

    Joy G. of Ocean City, MD

    Customer Testimonial

              Joy G.'s home in Ocean City, MD was very poorly insulated. She first contacted Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva to have the craw space sealed and insulated, but after our certified energy conservation technician performed a thorough evaluation the plan changed. Based on the test results, she realized that the attic had to be don first, to prevent all the air she was paying to heat from escaping through the roof. Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva used blown cellulose in the attic, to bring the R-Value up to the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Energy in MD. Joy was positively impressed with the entire experience and very happy with the results.
    Joy G.
    Ocean City, MD

What An Attic Insulation Upgrade Can Do For You & Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Attic insulation installation is a VERY popular energy-saving improvement in Delaware & E. Shore Maryland. That's because more energy (and money!) is lost through the attic than through any other part of the house.

What makes matters worse is that most homes have attic insulation that's inadequate and/or poorly installed. Existing attic insulation in many homes may be as minimal as R-19.

Increasing Attic Insulation In the Winter

In greater Delmarva, Delaware & E. Shore Maryland for your home to go through a cold winter with so little insulation is like you wearing a t-shirt in a snowstorm.

What your house really needs is the equivalent of a thick down-filled parka.

More specifically, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends between R-49 and R-60 of attic insulation for homes in Delaware & E. Shore Maryland. That's at least a 16-in.-thick blanket of fiberglass insulation!

Lawson Home Services is an expert attic insulation installer and proudly installs attic insulation in Wilmington, Bear, Dover, Delaware & E. Shore Maryland, and the surrounding areas including Salisbury, Newark, Easton, Middletown, Claymont, Berlin, Hockessin, Seaford, Stevensville, Millsboro, Grasonville, Georgetown, Lewes, Centreville.

Insulating your attic to recommended levels can cut heating and cooling costs by 20% or more.

If your attic is costing you money because of inadequate insulation,
Dr. Energy Saver can help.

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Importance of Air Sealing and Insulating Attics

Larry Janesky explains that insulation is also needed in warmer areas. Insulation prevents heat transfer. It prevents hot air from being transferred to the outside in the wintertime, and prevents the attic's scorching heat from being transferred into the living areas of your home during the summer.

Combining Attic Insulation & Sealing Air Leaks For Ample Energy Conservation 

New Insulation installed in Salisbury attic

Baffles keep ventilation channels open. Plastic spacers are installed between rafters in the attic to maintain a vent space beneath the roof surface after new insulation is installed.

Air-sealing is a critical step because it stops conditioned interior air from leaking into the attic. Dr. Energy Saver uses a variety of materials and techniques to stop this energy-wasting air leakage.

Installing baffles ensures proper attic ventilation. Sized to fit between the rafters in the attic, plastic baffles maintain a ventilation space between the attic's soffit vents (located along the eaves) and the ridge vent. Installing baffles before adding more attic insulation helps avoid damage from ice dams and excess moisture.

Old insulation can be reused most of the time. As long as the existing insulation is not wet, moldy or overly compressed, it can usually be put back into place after the attic has been air-sealed and before new insulation is installed.

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Sealing air leaks and maintaining a comfortable roof temperature means you'll be preventing and removing ice damming too!

Lawson Home Services is an expert attic insulation installer in Wilmington, Dover, Bear, Salisbury, Newark, Easton, Middletown, Claymont, Berlin, Hockessin, Grasonville, Seaford, Stevensville, Centreville, Georgetown, Lewes, Millsboro, and surrounding areas.

Start Saving Energy and Money With An Attic Insulation Upgrade.

Call 1-833-397-0163 or contact us online to schedule a home inspection and estimate for home insulation in Delaware & E. Shore Maryland.

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