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Radiant Barrier Insulation Near Wilmington, Bear, Dover

Watch this video to see why a radiant barrier is perfect for homes in a hot, southern climate.

Lawson Home Services installs radiant barriers in attics and are experts in saving energy through your attic, as well as many other parts of your home.

Radiant barrier insulation in attics is a key part of Lawson Home Services 10 Energy Vital Signs, a comprehensive examination of your home's energy loss and production.

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Radiant Heat Barriers & Attics

Radiant barrier attic insulation in Wilmington, Delaware

A radiant barrier in an attic can reduce air conditioning expenses by 10 percent or more.

If you've ever gotten into your car after it's been sitting in the summer sun for an hour or so, you know firsthand just how hot the car can get. Leather seats can literally make you jump, and it can take your car's air conditioning quite a while to make the space comfortable again.

Why would a car's interior get so much hotter than the air outside? Because of radiant energy from the sun -- solar heat that keeps building up inside of your car.

During the summer, the air in your attic can superheat just like the air in your car. As the temperatures shoot up to 120, 130, 140 degrees or higher, your home heats up dramatically. This forces your cooling system to work harder than ever. Your electricity use spikes, and you spend a lot more money.

Radiant Barriers- "Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barrier Insulation"

Radiant barriers are sometimes referred to as "reflective insulation" and "radiant barrier insulation" because, like insulation, they can effectively slow the transfer of heat. If an insulator is any good, it will successfully be able to force heat to move slowly, whereas a radiant barrier reflects heat back to its source.

Some types of rigid foam insulation are manufactured with a shiny foil facing that can function as a radiant barrier, combining the benefits of insulation and a radiant barrier.

Auto windshield radiant barrier

Beat the heat in Delaware & E. Shore Maryland
To help protect a car from the heat, many drivers will leave a foil-faced sun shade on the car. This is a radiant barrier that does an excellent job of reflecting the solar heat, protecting your car from getting too hot.

In an attic the radiant barriers we use can work just like these shiny car shades. When it's hot, up to 97% of the sun's heat can be reflected back outside by a radiant barrier. This will reduce the heat gain and take a load off of your air conditioning. In the winter, this reflective effect works the other way, reflecting heat from the house back toward your living space.

Radiant Barriers Give Attics a Silver Lining

Lawson Home Services Says...

Installing a radiant barrier in an attic cuts air conditioning expenses by 10% or more.

Expect the highest savings in warmer climates, where the workload on your AC is highest. If ductwork is present in the attic, this savings could be even greater.

Adding a radiant barrier in your attic is a smart, energy saving investment, especially if you live in a warm climate. Don't rule out this kind of installation even if you live in the far north, especially if you have ductwork and other HVAC utilities running in the space, such as a furnace or air conditioner.

Lawson Home Services in Delaware & E. Shore Maryland can install a radiant barrier against the bottom edges of your rafters to help improve cooling efficiency in the summer and heating efficiency in the winter.

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