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Radon Mitigation in Elkton, MD

The region near Elkton, MD has some of the highest levels of naturally occurring radon on the Delmarva peninsula. The owner of this home was concerned about the elevated risks of lung cancer associated with exposure to radon decay particles. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking. It is estimated the risk of exposure to radon levels as low as  4.0 picocuries per liter of air is similar to that of smoking 10 cigarettes per day. 

If you are concerned about radon levels in your home, you can have it tested, and if necessary, take steps to mitigate radon gas infiltration. Here we see before and after pictures of a home that has been retrofitted with a radon depressuerization system. It functions by pulling the radon gas out of the soil beneath your home and venting it into the atmosphere above the roof line where it does not re-enter the home. Regardless of the levels found in your home you can take steps to lower your exposure. Call Lawson Home Services today.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Camden Wyoming, DE

Back in 2020, Laswon Home Services were called to address foul odors coming from the crawlspace of this Camden Wyoming, DE home. Our Energy Auditor went into the crawl space and found that it had only a thin layer of black plastic, which had been laid directly onto the dirt floor of the crawlspace. This plastic was not sealed to the edges of the walls, and, in fact, you could actually see the dirt around the edges of the plastic. Ground moisture was evaporating and traveling around, and even through the thin black plastic, ending up raising the relative humidity of the crawlspace air and then condensing on and being absorbed into the wood structures supporting the first floor. The evidence was clear to see: mold was growing all over the wooden floor joists.
Lawson Home Services removed the musty damp insulation, pulled out the ineffective black plastic and installed the Dr. Energy Saver CleanSpace™ Crawlspace Encapsulation System and a Sedona™ SaniDry Crawlspace Dehumidifier. 

This homeowner made the wise decision to set up an annual maintenance schedule with Lawson Home Services. A technician now returns annually to perform a number of things, among them inspecting the CleanSpace liner and servicing the Sedona™ SaniDry dehumidifier, and makes sure everything continues to function as good as it did the day it was installed. This home passed the 2023 inspection with flying colors. We'll see them next year.

Attic and Crawlspace Makeover in Harrington, DE

This home in Harrington, DE, built in 1989, needed a lot of upgrades. There were so many things this home needed. This wise homeowner chose to invest in a complete makeover of both her attic and crawlspace. In addition, all her HVAC and Dryer vent duct work were cleaned out, and air sealed to prevent costly unwanted leaks. We even cleaned off her HVAC coils (which really needed it). 

When it was all finished the homeowner was delighted. She even sent us a kind note in the mail, to let us know she was very happy with the workers during the process. It's so nice to know our efforts to go above and beyond do not go unnoticed. 

The pictures here will give you some idea of the amazing transformation that occurs when Lawson Home Services use Dr. Energy Saver methods to improve the comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency of your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment to see what we can do at your home.  

Dirty clogged dryer vent cleaned out in Bear, DE

Lawson Home Services can do many things to make your home more energy efficient. One very important thing that can be done in nearly every home is to have the dryer vent cleaned out. Not only will this lower your utility bill, it will speed up the time it takes your clothes to dry, and decrease the wear and tear on your dryer. It will also reduce the risk of fire resulting from overheating of the dryer.

While Lawson's tech is there you can ask him about other services we can do at your home, things that not only reduce energy bills, but increase home comfort and increase indoor air quality. 

Energy Audit reveals many ways to increase comfort and reduce energy costs in Greenwood, DE

Lawson Home Services' energy auditor sees the same things over and over: Under insulated attics filled with all kinds of dead animals and bugs, penetrations all over the attic floor contributing to loss of valuable conditioned air from the living spaces below, musty damp ventilated crawlspaces, standing puddles of water everywhere on the crawlspace floor with who knows what festering in that, uninsulated rim band joists. And to think all that is just a few feet away from the space where you live, breathe, sleep, bathe. And of course there are the negative aspects, the energy cost, comfort, and indoor air quality issues that result from all these deficiencies.

Dr. Energy Saver has a cost effective solution for all this. Why not find out by calling Lawson Home Services today to schedule an energy audit for your home. The best part is most of the cost will be paid for by the "Energize Delaware" Program - your out-of-pocket expense will be just a fraction of the actual cost of the audit, money well spent!

You will see just how much your uncomfortable home is costing you and how you could be comfortable and pay less over time by upgrading your home and making it energy efficient. Call us today. 

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