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Attic access and storage.

A lot of the attics we go in require you to walk across joists or unsecure planks of wood to access air handlers, duct work, and attic fans. To the inexperienced individual it can be a dangerous area to walk and climb across.  Other attics have entrances and areas that aren’t securely blocked off from insulation.  This can cause insulation and dust to spill into unconditioned areas of your finished home.  


At Lawson’s we install secure, durable dams and decking. (1) We insulate the deck to make sure we are not sacrificing insulation and (2) we create a safe and secure way to enter the attic and if necessary service your air handler or other equipment located in that area.  As an addition we can even expand the decking for extra storage.


Attic Insulation in Chester, MD

This homeowner in Chester, MD was suffering from old, dirty attic insulation. This may seem like a minor problem, but the results turn into major problems. Over the years, old attic insulation collects dust, dirt, pollen, bugs, etc.

It's time to get rid of the old insulation and welcome the new! Dr. Energy Saver can remove a homeowners old insulation and replace it with new TruSoft Cellulose Insulation

The new TruSoft Cellulose Insulation also helps the homeowner with their vented attic. Vented attics allow air to leak from inside the home through the attic floor. Once the air from within the home reaches the attic it is lost. This causes drafty rooms, cold floors and higher fuel and electric bills. 

With the new TruSoft Cellulose Insulation being installed the homeowner can now receive results such as warmer floors, less drafty rooms and lower fuel/electric bills. 

Keeping this home comfortable year around in Chester, Maryland

Keeping your home comfortable year around can be stressful. With air finding the path of least resistance, the money that you are spending on heating and cooling could increase if your home isn't probably insulated.

The homeowner of this home located in Chester, Maryland, very aware of his leaky home called Dr. Energy Saver out to figure out a way to make his house more energy efficient. 

Upon the inspection, we came across multiple problems related to why he was experiencing discomfort inside his home and also some health risk. There was little to no insulation inside of his attic causing the air he paid to heat and cool his house to travel through the living space and out into the attic. Also a big eye opener for both, the homeowner and our specialist was that the bath fan was vented straight into the attic causing humidity levels to rise and microbial growth started to form.

 Dr. Energy Saver then came in and first, removed the previous insulation inside of the attic then vented his bath fan to the exterior of his home. This prevents microbial growth growing all over your roof deck, rafters, and ceiling joist. Next we converted the attic into conditioned space by installing 3' of closed-cell spray foam to the roof deck. This will make your home less drafty, more comfortable, warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Also lowering your fuel and electric bills! 

Dr. Energy Saver has now fixed this homeowners problem of comfort inside of his home and disintegrated the microbial growth in the process. 

Making the upstairs more comfortable in Wittman, Maryland

Homeowners in Wittman, Maryland were not happy about their HVAC system not properly cooling the house. The lack of insulation and the amount of open air penetrations inside of the attic were causing the owners misery by high fuel and electric bills. 

They called Dr. Energy Saver who came out and inspected their home and informed the couple on the necessary steps it would take to fix their uncomfortable home. 

We then arrived at the home, immediately getting to work.  We installed our Cap Existing Insulation with TruSoft Cellulose. This involves blowing cellulose over the bed of fiberglass insulation. The bed of fiberglass is then compressed by the heavy cellulose and adds to the R-Value(the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power). This results in a more comfortable house and lowers your fuel and electric bills. 

Upgrading HVAC equipment is not always the sole solution.

Jerry’s home was not that comfortable.  He had recently upgraded his HVAC equipment to help heat and cool the home and wanted to make sure he was reaping the most benefits possible. (Upgrading your equipment won’t necessarily solve your problem if you are losing conditioned air to the exterior of your home envelope.) 


We noticed some accent features (what we label as adjacent attic walls) in his ceiling that had less insulation than other areas.  On top of that his whole attic really needed more insulation and to be air sealed to decrease conditioned air (heated/cooled air you are paying for) escaping from the home.  Jerry also had a significant amount of duct work in the attic, so on top of his other improvements, we increased the efficiency and effectiveness by covering them in closed cell spray foam.


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