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Rim Joist Air Sealing in Delaware

The rim joist counts for almost 30% of the air that enters the typical crawl space. It's important during crawl space encapsulation that the rim joist be properly air sealed. Prevent the excess moisture from entering your home, make your floor warmer and protect your home from the damaging effects of a vented crawl space with proper rim joist air sealing.

Make Your Attic Cooler on Delmarva

Making your attic cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter while protecting your HVAC system and ductwork in the attic. The Dr. Energy Energy Saver SuperAttic is another innovative product designed to make your home more comfortable year round. The SuperAttic not only insulates but also air seals. The specialized graphite panels with radiant barrier eliminate the need to spray foam on the underside of the roof deck.

Crawlspace Insulation Cause of Odd and Musty Smells in Delaware

When the insulation in vented crawlspaces become wet due to moisture many homeowners notice odd & musty smells in the home. With proper crawlspace encapsulation this insulation is no longer needed. By removing the insulation homeowners increase the comfort in their homes and reduce crawlspace odors.

SuperAttic Insulation Ocean Pines Maryland

Another perfect example of SuperAttic Insulation by the Dr. Energy Saver Delaware Team. Dr. Energy Saver helps Maryland and Delaware residents obtain the "Fifth Fuel" with the SuperAttic Conversion System. Another inovative total home performance product by Dr Energy Saver.

SuperAttic Insulation Transformation

Dr. Energy Saver's Super Attic system covers the entire attic with SilverGlo insulation and is air sealed to prevent the hot air and temperatures from your roof from radiating down into your attic space and heating up the rest of your home.  After installing Super Attic in your home, your attic will be up to 30 degrees cooler! This is a huge step to helping you be more comfortable in your home.  In these images, you can see how after the SuperAttic Insulation System is installed, all rafters have been fully covered and the window has been air sealed.

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