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Lawson Home Services Case Studies: Duct and Filtration Cleaning in Easton, Maryland

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 by Jerrell Allen


Usually in high volume situation such as running, relieving stress, or just taking an huge sigh of relief we tend to breathe in air through the nose and out of the mouth. But what if the air we are breathing potentially has the risk of putting our health in harms way? 

Here in Easton, Maryland the homeowners suffered just that. Already in affliction from having severe allergies, owning several cats that did not make the matters worse. His duct work spewing out pet hair, dust, and tons of other air pollutants made the air quality inside of his home very poor. In fact, 87% of homeowners in America are not aware that air pollution can be worse indoors than outdoors. 


Dr Energy Saver offered just the fix needed to take away the physical and emotional strain on the homeowner had and ensures that the living quarters will be an healthy and safe living environment. 

Going into the inspection we identify any visible pollutants with our boroscope(long instrument with camera attached to it to see inside of a small structure or hole) and inspect EVERY supply and return along with the filter inside of the HVAC system. We stumbled upon various grime, air pollutants, and pet dander inside of his duct work leading to why he was contracting all of these allergens.    

After our in-home evaluation, our production team went in with a very detailed planning from our Home Comfort Specialist on how to approach the job. First we went in and wiped down the supply/return vents, thoroughly clean the condenser, and evaporator coils. Then with our vacuum system using a Rotobrush that has an HEPA filter inside of the machine that removes up to 99.97% of particles inside of the ducts, we go into each return and supply and efficiently remove any access dust or dander. After that your duct work will be disinfected using Anti-Microbial treatment that prevents any odors, discoloration, staining, and kills or suppress any bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is completely harm free and has the lowest EPA toxicity rating. 

Overall, Dr Energy saver not only met the homeowners needs but exceeded them! Another successful project and another happy and satisfied customer. 

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