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Crawl Space Repair - The case of the missing Sump Pump?

The case of the missing Sump Pump?
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Every home located on the Eastern Shore or Maryland or Delaware should have a Sump Pump, especially if you have a basement. Crawlspaces also need sump pumps to help protect against flooding. A sump pump is an insurance policy for when your basement or crawlspace floods. It's not "if" your crawlspace/basement floods because in this area it will happen. It's just a matter of time. Don't risk your valuables and your home for something as simple as a sump pump. For homes that already have major flooding issues sump pumps that have Battery Backup can also be installed for that extra protection. he sump should have an air-tight lid to prevent water from evaporating out of the sump hole into your crawl space, stop debris from falling in that can clog the pump or switch, quiet the system and prevent radon from rising up into the crawl space as well. It can also make the installation look good, too! Instead of a necessary evil in your home, you have a thoughtfully engineered and highly functional system. If you have a plumbing leak and the water leaks down into the crawl space, you'll want to use your sump to drain the water away. A sump lid with a floor drain is the answer -- and adding an alarm to warn you that the sump is taking water through the floor drain makes the ultimate sump pump system, especially in a crawl space where you might not otherwise notice a leak for a while.

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