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Fleet Tracking Software Helps Delmarva Energy Expert Reduce the Carbon Footprint Outside Local Homes

Dr. Energy Saver is taking more steps to reduce the carbon footprint in the Delmarva area both inside and outside the home. Their recent use of a fleet tracking software enables them to have an impact on the carbon footprint outside the homes they service. These efforts prove that every little bit counts in energy conservation methods.

Milton, DE - January 3, 2013

MILTON, DE – Dr. Energy Saver® Delmarva has been serving the local area for the last two years making homes more energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprints. In an effort to have an even greater impact on the community, Dr. Energy Saver is now reaching outside the home by reducing their vehicles' gas usage and travel routes.

Dr. Energy Saver is using a proprietary fleet tracking software to preview travel routes in advance and determine the most fuel-efficient route based on live traffic feeds. According to Owner David Lawson, this software helps the environment and maximizes the customers' time.

"We want to make sure we not only make the most efficient use of the homeowner's time, but also the most efficient use of resources used to get to our appointments," said Lawson.

The software works with a GPS to monitor:

  • Routes taken by employees.
  • Maintenance logs of the vehicles.
  • Fuel usage of each vehicle.

These features, combined with Dr. Energy Saver’s energy upgrade efforts in local homes, help to reduce energy usage in Delaware, Eastern Shore Maryland, and the eastern shore of Virginia.

For more information about Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva, please contact Meghan McHugh, Marketing Manager, at [email protected], or visit


Dr. Energy Saver begins taking more steps to reduce carbon footprint in Delmarva area

Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva is the local, official Dr. Energy Saver franchisee that offers comprehensive energy audits and report cards to define energy wasting areas in homes. This franchisee is a Building Performance Institute certified contractor that meets all requirements to perform the necessary tests and repairs as a member of the Energize Delaware initiative and Home Performance Program, as well as Maryland’s Be SMART program. Dr. Energy Saver Delaware serves Delaware, Eastern Shore Maryland, and the eastern shore of Virginia.

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