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Local Dr. Energy Saver reaches out to community about healthy homes and living.

Local Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva owner to speak at the Conscious Healthy Living Expo in Denton, MD on Saturday, October 6th at the James F. Fretterd Community Center.

Milton, DE - October 3, 2012


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DENTON, MD – Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva is ready to flex their health-conscious muscles at the first Conscious Healthy Living Expo. The expo will give its attendees information about living a healthy lifestyle. Topics include: massage, eastern exercise techniques (karate, qi gong, tai chi, and yoga), healthy eating, as well as home energy and water conservation. The expo will be held Saturday, October 6 at the James F. Fretterd Community Center in Denton, MD.

The expo will begin at 10 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. Owner of the EPA certified Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva, David Lawson, will be speaking at the event. Lawson is a certified LEED contractor and energy savings specialist. The owner of the local company will cover topics ranging from what homeowners can do to make their homes healthier and energy efficient, to what not to do by avoiding “green washing”.

Lawson will showcase what Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva can do to help homeowners make their homes healthier, more energy efficient, and save money.

For more information about Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva, please contact Heather Lawrence, Marketing Manager, at [email protected]


DES Logo TallDr. Energy Saver Delmarva is the local, official Dr. Energy Saver franchisee that offers comprehensive energy audits and report cards to define energy wasting areas in homes. This franchisee is a Building Performance Institute certified contractor that meets all requirements to perform the necessary tests and repairs as a member of the Energize Delaware initiative and Home Performance Program. Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva serves all of Delaware, Eastern Shore Maryland, and Eastern Shore Virginia.

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