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Delaware Business Supports January Radon Action Month

EPA designates January as Radon Action Month to raise awareness of one of leading lung cancer threats found in DE & MD homes. Lawson Home Services Radon Experts Say, "Test your home. Protect your family."

Milton, DE - January 8, 2018

Milton, DE – Thousands of people in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland could be saved from radon-related lung cancer by testing for radon and then, if needed, installing a radon mitigation system. Radon is a cancer-causing gas that can seep into homes, businesses, and schools and is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Tom Kelly, Former Director of EPA’s Indoor Environments Division explains, “We know that radon is a carcinogen. Research confirms that breathing low levels of radon can lead to lung cancer.” (

To raise awareness of radon, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated January as Radon Action Month in 1999. Why January? The best time to test is when you have “closed house conditions”. Closed house conditions are when the windows are closed and less likely to be used, and less traffic in and out of your home.  In addition to raising radon awareness, this month of action is meant to encourage people to get their homes, work spaces, and schools tested for radon.

Lawson Home Services is the local leader in radon. Lawson Home Services radon experts can help determine if a building’s radon levels are above the EPAs recommended 4.0 pCi/L, and if so, can install an aesthetically pleasing and affordable radon mitigation system.

Radon Action Month is a collaborative effort between the EPA and other national organizations dedicated to lowering radon exposure, like the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST), of which Lawson Home Services is a member.

Owner, David Lawson states that testing and mitigating will help save lives here and all over the United States. “Through our continued work to increase awareness about radon’s dangers, testing homes and mitigating homes, I look forward to the day when we can eliminate lung cancer deaths caused by radon exposure.”

For more information on radon and its health effects, radon testing and radon mitigation systems, contact:

About the author
David L. Lawson is a Delaware native who lives in Kent County with his wife and five children. With a Bachelors from DeVry University in Technical Management and a Masters from Wilmington University in Management and Information Systems Management, he leads Delmarva Dr. Energy Saver in providing outstanding service that wows clients, intimidates the competition and generates new business every day.

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