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Photo Album: Replacing a SaniDry in St. Michaels, MD.

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Homeowner's in Saint Michaels, MD previously had SaniDrys installed in their crawl space to help with the humidity in the crawl space. Unfortunately, the SaniDrys were set to continuously run. This caused the SaniDrys to burn up and quit working. 

When installing a SaniDry, it is important to make sure it runs, but not constantly without stopping. Dr. Energy Saver replaced the old SaniDrys with new ones and set it to a normal mode.

Another problem that caused the SaniDrys to over-run themselves was the crawl space itself. Many companies offer great products just as Dr. Energy Saver does, but does not offer them together as a unit in fear of price or rejection. For example, if this crawlspace was encapsulated, the SaniDrys would not have overworked themselves. Dr. Energy Saver always makes sure a crawl space is encapsulated and properly insulated before installing a SaniDry into the crawl space. 

If a product is installed wrong or by unqualified professionals, the homeowner will not receive the full benefit of the system and just as these homeowner's did, they will have to spend more money in the long haul. 

Take note that this SaniDry is red, while Dr. Energy Saver's SaniDry is blue. Any contractor can buy a red SaniDry from Basement Systems (our headquarters), but only dealers apart of the Network get the proper installation and service training. Therefore, dealers receive a blue SaniDry. All SaniDrys Dr. Energy Saver installs are serviced and maintained yearly or whenever there is a problem. 

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