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Homeowners in Queenstown, Maryland were dealing with the discomfort of their upstairs being too hot during the summer time. Having previous work done by Dr. Energy Saver, they gave us a call again to fix their issue. 

During the inspection, we stumbled across many variables leading to why the upstairs lacked the same comfort that the downstairs had. One problem was the attic scuttle upstairs was not properly insulated causing air to leak from the living space into the attic due to stack effect (air rises from the lowest pressure point inside of the home to the highest pressure point finding any pentration where air can leak out of). Without the proper insulation, the scuttle could be anywhere from 30 degrees in the winter and a blazing 130 degrees in the summer time. 

Dr. Energy Saver resolved the issue by air sealing and insulating the scuttle cover. This results in a tighter, more comfortable, and less drafty home making rooms easier to heat and cool while lowering fuel and electric bills!


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