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Mike Sites

Lawson Home Services

Title: Brand Ambassador
Hometown: Georgetown, DE
Mike Sites from Lawson Home Services

Professional Background

Michael "Mike" Sites is a dynamic Brand Ambassador residing in Georgetown, Delaware, with a wealth of diverse experiences that have uniquely positioned him for his current role. His journey to becoming a Brand Ambassador is marked by a rich history of service and expertise in various fields.

Mike's previous work experience shines a spotlight on his commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. He worked at the Eastern West Virginia Community Action Agency, where he held several roles within their weatherization program. These positions included Estimator/Energy Auditor, Crew Trainer, and Post Work Inspector. His contributions were not limited to a single agency; Mike was also entrusted with training professionals from other weatherization agencies across the state, in collaboration with the West Virginia Office of Economic Opportunity.

Certifications and Training

Mike boasts an impressive array of certifications and training that underscore his dedication to excellence in his field. His qualifications include:

  • RESNET HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater
  • BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analyst
  • Infrared Thermography training under the mentorship of Terry Clausing
  • Asbestos Mitigation
  • HVAC Inspection and troubleshooting, among others.

These certifications reflect Mike's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry standards and best practices.

Tenure at the Company

Mike has been an integral part of his current company since July 2023, bringing his wealth of knowledge and skills to his role as a Brand Ambassador.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

In his capacity as a Brand Ambassador, Mike plays a vital role in shaping the web content that appears in search results, with a specific focus on topics related to the services offered by Lawson Home Services. His work ensures that potential customers receive accurate and informative content that guides them toward the company's offerings.

Passion and Interests

Mike takes immense pride in consistently delivering top-notch work. His enthusiasm for quality science and education is shared by the owner of Lawson Home Services, David Lawson, who values these principles as essential to the company's success. Being part of a company that prioritizes providing customers with the finest products and services aligns perfectly with Mike's values and passions.

In his spare time, Mike's interests span a wide spectrum. From surfing to composing music, he enjoys a diverse range of activities. What particularly intrigues him is the application of his proficiency in mathematics and physics to reverse engineer old roller coasters based on their existing blueprints. This unique skill allows him to craft technical articles about the fascinating history of roller coaster engineering, which he contributes to enthusiast publications.

Michael "Mike" Sites's dedication to excellence, his diverse skill set, and his commitment to environmental sustainability and education make him an invaluable Brand Ambassador. His passion for quality and innovation, both in his professional and personal pursuits, mirrors the values and mission of Lawson Home Services, making him an exceptional asset to the team.

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