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Lawson Home Services Case Studies: Improving Air Quality & Radon Mitigation

Thursday, May 20th, 2021 by Megan Andrews


Jane was aware that she had radon in her home.  Having not felt well lately, Jane, and her husband, decided they needed to address the issue to insure they were taking all the precautions they could to ensure they were living in a healthy environment. 



As they mentioned some of the health concerns they were having, we addressed that none of these could be caused directly from radon. We did give them some reading material on the BreathEZ UVC Light and BreathEZ air filter to review when we were doing our inspection and quote. 

Given their sensitivity to allergens and mold along with some respiratory issues they thought the BreathEZ products might be a good fit.  The microbes that carry allergens, infectious agents and odor can travel through your HVAC system.  The UVC light cleans the air by destroying these microbes before they can grow, migrate, and circulate through your HVAC.  The BreathEZ air filter on the other hand captures pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and other tiny particles and is 45 times more affected than a pleated filter.  This is what makes the filter so useful in decreasing radon decay particles in your home.  At .007 microns it can capture the most tiny particles that the decay is attaching itself to.

After learning a little more about how radon causes cancer and how the BreathEZ products work they decided that they wanted to do both projects (Radon Mitigation and Improvement of Air Quality) to ensure they were getting the best quality of life they could in their home.


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