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Lawson Home Services Case Studies: Ductwork Sealing

Monday, March 15th, 2021 by Megan Andrews


We often get calls from homeowners who think they need completely new ductwork.  This can be for a number of reasons.  


-Maybe you can see holes or some of the duct work has become unattached.

-Maybe your supply registers don’t seem to be producing/carrying enough air to a room.

-Maybe you’ve never even looked at your ductwork but some rooms in your home suddenly or have always felt cooler/warmer than others.

-Maybe you feel like your air handler is CONSTANTLY running in the winter or summer.

-Maybe someone just told you that you do but you don’t really KNOW if you do. you need to tear out all your existing ductwork and replace it?


The fact is brand new ductwork does not always solve the issue.  Your air handler and ducts work together to produce and carry conditioned (warm or cold) air to the rest of your home.  This system is pressurized and if we lose too much pressure from large or even small holes the velocity at which the air is being carried decreases.  

Basically, your air isn’t traveling as quickly through the ductwork and that whole time it is cooling down as it goes.  You are paying to heat/cool air that you are losing (often in your unconditioned crawl space or attic).  You could replace all your ductwork and still have the same issues.  


The solution is Aeroseal.  A process that seals the INSIDE of the ductwork without having to overhaul all your existing ductwork.  How effective is it?  During one of our recent installs we improved the existing duct leakage by 92%!

134.4 CFM of conditioned air was being leaked out of the duct work before it reached its destination.  On this home that was the equivalence of a 25 square inch hole.  After sealing, the leakage was only 10.9 CFM, or a 2.1 square inch whole.  This improvement will result in the home owner saving on the costs to heat/cool the home and also provide warmer/cooler rooms in the appropriate seasons.


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