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Lawson Home Services Case Studies: Radon mitigation and system performance.

Friday, February 5th, 2021 by Megan Andrews



My radon mitigation fan is running, how do I know the system is working? (...and what’s a manometer?)

Your new home may have a radon mitigation system already installed or it may have what we call a passive system that just needs to be connected.  

…but once it is connected how do you know it is working?



First off, it is a good idea for any new homeowner to test for radon and if necessary have a radon system inspected, installed, and/or upgraded.  Poor design and improper or low-quality materials often cause radon systems to under perform.  Even if your radon level is under 2.7piC/L (as recommended by the WHO) you should be seeking as low a level as possible.


Once a system is installed you should have a manometer, or what we often refer to as a “u-tube” attached.  This device is a water column and it measures how well the fan is pulling the radon from the home.  A fan’s life is definite and they can break down over time.  Fan discharge and suction lines can also become blocked. We carry six fans and our installers know what the u-tube reading should be for each type of fan.  We always make sure the systems are not only running correctly but that we have the right size fan for the right size job.


At Lawson Home Services along with providing testing and radon alarms, a u-tube gauge is always installed to help the homeowner and our team diagnose your radon mitigation system and its performance.


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