Having Troubles with Drafty Rooms in your Home?

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Are you suffering from draft problems or cold floors? These problems could be coming from your attic. 

The Problem

If you have a vented attic, which many homeowners do, that could be what is causing drafts and cold floors within the attic. 

What is a vented attic? Vented attics are vented, (shocker) which allows air from outside into the attic. This can make the attic extremely hot or cold depending on the weather and a bad place to store items due to the drastic temperature changes. If the attic isn't properly air sealed and insulated air from within the home leaks into the attic and is lost. This is the reason behind the draft and cold floor problems. 

Having Troubles with Drafty Rooms in your Home  - Image 1

The Solution

Dr. Energy Saver will first, air seal the attic floor and any other air leaks to prevent future air leakage. The vents in the attic will also be sealed off. Next, Dr. Energy Saver will insulate the attic with TruSoft Cellulose insulation. TruSoft will not burn, get moldy or attract pests. This will create less drafts within the home, warmer floors and best of all, lower utility costs!

Having Troubles with Drafty Rooms in your Home  - Image 2

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