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Before and After Pictures from Smyrna


Before After

Sealing the insulation in this wall section was among the many improvements Lawson Home Services did in this Smyrna, DE home.
The problem here is the backside o0f this fiberglass insulation has no air sealing. As a result its ability to insulate is seriously compromised by an effect known as "wind washing" where small air currents drive right through the open fibers and allow transfer of the energy the insulation is intended to block. The solution is to install SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation over top. The SilverGlo™ provides three levels of comfort and energy protection. First, the air flow is blocked, stopping the wind washing effect. Second, it provides an additional layer of insulation. And third, because it is shiny, it reflects radiant heat off the surface, which is very important when summer temperatures in the attic can reach 150 degrees. 

Radon Testing in Smyrna, DE 19977

Radon Testing in Smyrna, DE 19977

Before After
Radon Testing in Smyrna, DE 19977 Radon Testing in Smyrna, DE 19977

A children's club in Smyrna, Delaware enlisted Lawson Home Services to conduct radon testing. Our radon specialists strategically placed devices in different locations within the area to ensure accuracy. It's commendable for the club to prioritize the children's well-being, as radon testing is the sole method to know if we're truly safe. 


Radon Mitigation in Smyrna, Delaware

Radon Mitigation in Smyrna, Delaware

Before After
Radon Mitigation in Smyrna, Delaware Radon Mitigation in Smyrna, Delaware

In Smyrna, Delaware, a worried homeowner reached out to Lawson Home Services, troubled by the high radon gas levels detected in their home. Wanting the best for their family, they chose Lawson Home Services for their reputation in radon mitigation expertise. Their recent radon test showed levels as high as 5.1 pCi/L, prompting immediate action.

After thorough assessment, our team recommended installing a sub-slab depressurization radon mitigation system to effectively reduce radon levels. The homeowner was relieved to have found a reliable solution and expressed gratitude for our expertise and prompt response. With the mitigation system in place, they can now breathe easier, knowing their home is a safer environment for their family.

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Home Insulation & Air Duct Repair Services You Can Trust in Smyrna

Lawson Home Services is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with the least amount of hassle.

Home Insulation & Air Sealing

Does your home feel too hot in the summer or cold in the winter? Are your heat and air conditioning constantly running to keep your home at a comfortable temperature?  If so, odds are your home is in need of an insulation upgrade. At Lawson Home Services, we specialize in home insulation and air sealing services that can help improve the energy efficiency of your home. We offer a variety of insulation services including rigid foam, blown-in. cellulose, fiberglass, radiant barrier, and much more. We understand that using the right type of insulation is only half of the equation, and because of this, we can insulate your entire home including the attic, basement, walls, garage, and much more. If your home is in need of an insulation upgrade, contact the experts at Lawson Home Services today for a FREE quote, we fix uncomfortable homes! 

Custom Home Energy Audits

The best way to determine what the cause of your home's inefficiencies are is by performing a home energy audit. Our custom home energy audit can help us discover the root cause for your home's issues, and while we are going through the house, we can figure out what solutions we can use to permanently fix this. Before we start going through the home, we will sit down with you to see what your primary concerns are, and we will make these issues a priority. Once we have completed the audit, we will talk with you again to go over the results and our findings. Based on what we uncover, we will make recommendations to fix your home and create a more energy-efficient environment you and your family will enjoy for years to come! Contact us today for a home energy consultation. 

Radon Testing & Mitigation 

Radon is a naturally occurring invisible & odorless gas that can have a big impact on the air quality of your home. Radon is also the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke. High levels of radon gas are commonly found throughout Delaware & E. Shore Maryland and because radon gas cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted the only way to ensure that you and your family are not affected by this dangerous gas is to have one of our experts visit your home and perform proper testing. Radon testing is the fastest & most effective way to ensure the safety of your family. Depending on the results of the test, Lawson Home Services can offer several radon mitigation solutions that will limit exposure to the gas and also ventilate it away from your home. Our radon mitigation methods are highly successful and we always stand behind our work! To learn more about radon gas mitigation and testing call or click today!

Case Studies From Smyrna
Older homes, like this one in Smyrna, DE were built before details of energy loss in homes was well understood. We have now discovered the problems...
This home in Smyrna, DE had many insulation upgrades done by Lawson Home Services. But insulation is only one third of the equation for an energy...
Jane was aware that she had radon in her home. Having not felt well lately, Jane, and her husband, decided they needed to address the issue to...
Job Stories From Smyrna, DE
Radon Mitigation in Smyrna, Delaware

After conducting a recent radon test in their Smyrna, Delaware residence, a homeowner identified elevated levels of radon gas, despite previous attempts to mitigate it. Utilizing a Consumer Grade Radon Detector, they obtained a reading of 5.1 pCi/L, equivalent to 100 X-rays per year.


Upon researching various mitigation options, they chose Lawson Home Services, a reputable company known for their warranty coverage and positive testimonials. They were also attracted by the company's fair pricing and reputation for quality workmanship.


Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the property to determine the optimal location for radon mitigation installation. Following the provision of a detailed quote and subsequent approval, we commenced the installation process.


The homeowner expressed satisfaction with our services, feeling reassured by the proactive measures taken to mitigate radon exposure risks in their home.


For those facing concerns regarding radon levels in their homes, do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 1-833-397-0163



We're dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your home.

Radon Mitigation in Smyrna, Delaware - Photo 1
Radon System Maintenance in Smyrna, DE

It's important to have a radon mitigation system installed whenever testing shows levels of indoor radon gas concentration is at or above 2.0 pCi/l. It's just as important, once the equipment is installed, to have it serviced regularly. This typically involves inspecting the basement or crawl slab for cracks, checking the suction gauge to see the fan is supplying the proper pressure, and disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of the depressurization fan.

Here we see a smiling Lawson Home Services radon tech, servicing the depressurization fan. 

Radon System Maintenance in Smyrna, DE - Photo 1
Home Energy Audit in Smyrna, DE

You might think a brand new home has no need for energy efficiency improvements. But the truth is, many, if not most, do. Contractors build to code, and that often leaves many things done to the bare minimum. 

Energize Delaware Audits are currently being subsidized and cost the homeowner just $50 ($25 for first responders and military personnel). The audit is a valuable tool showing many things. Check of the pictures below that show the basic information contained in the audit for this 1,586 square foot home in Smyrna, DE, built in 2020.
Look closely at the information. 
Check out the one that says "Where do the energy efficiency estimates come from". The green at the bottom represents energy used by things you use everyday in your home, like refrigerators, lights, and appliances. The yellow represents energy used for hot water. You'll notice both the yellow and green lines are pretty consistent throughout the year. Notice the orange, which represents energy used to heat the house in cold weather, and the blue which represents energy to cool the air in hot weather. Here in Delaware a typical home uses a lot more energy annually to heat than to cool. That is why having good insulation in the attic and and around the foundation is so important to keep energy costs low while keeping your home comfortable. 
There are many other things in the audit, like the blower door test, which shows how much air leaks out of the home. The building contractor of this home did a fairly good job of air sealing, meeting the 3-5 air changes per hour requirement for Delaware Building Energy Code. That means the air inside the home will not leak out and get replaced by outdoor air, and running up air conditioning and heating bills. But of course, we do need some ventilation. The energy audit will indicate if additional ventilation is needed. 
And lastly there is the summary, which is a priority list of all the potential improvements for this particular home. The column marked MMBtu shows the expected reduction of energy use, both in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and in  percentage. The next column shows the annual savings in dollars. But remember it isn't just about dollars, home comfort is equally important. The next column shows how many years it will take for the savings to pay for the cost of the improvement, followed by the Savings to Investment ratio (SIR) for those of you who are savvy with financial figures. The last two columns show the discount incentive subsidized by Energize Delaware, and the last column shows the estimated total cost. The actual cost the homeowner pays for the improvements is found by subtracting the discount from the total cost. 
So as you can see, an energy audit can help you find ways to increase your home comfort while saving money. It also adds substantial value to your home should you ever decide to sell it. And last, but certainly not least, home energy improvements will also improve indoor air quality. That's really important in Delaware where everyone seems to complain of allergies. Many times the allergens come from mold, resulting from uncontrolled humidity in the crawlspaces or by the intrusion of outdoor air in the summer. 
Lawson Home Services can schedule an Energize Delaware Home Energy Audit at your home. Just contact us and get on the schedule. It's be the best $50 you can invest in your home. 

Home Energy Audit in Smyrna, DE - Photo 1Home Energy Audit in Smyrna, DE - Photo 2Home Energy Audit in Smyrna, DE - Photo 3Home Energy Audit in Smyrna, DE - Photo 4
Radon mitigation installed in Smyrna, DE home

This homeowner made the wise decision to install a radon mitigation system in his home. Radon is a very dangerous gas that occurs naturally and can accumulate inside buildings. Exposure to radon can be compared to smoking cigarettes. Both can result in lung cancer. Studies indicate 15% of all lung cancers are linked to radon exposure inside buildings. 

So why risk exposing yourself or the occupants of your home to this dangerous radioactive gas. Call Lawson Home Services today to schedule a top-quality radon test. And if your home is found to have dangerously high levels of radon lurking inside Lawson Home Services can also install radon mitigation system just like they did here in Smyrna, DE

Radon mitigation installed in Smyrna, DE home - Photo 1
Radon Mitigation System in Smyrna, DE

The continual multiple-day monitoring showed the average radon concentration inside this home was 5.6 pCi/l, more than double the level at which a radon mitigation strategy is recommended. But at times, especially at night the levels were spiking at 14.0 pCi/l. You wouldn't have wanted to be breathing inside thais Smyrna, DE home on those days.

Radon concentration inside the home varies greatly, day by day, and hour by hour. Those cheap radon test kits you buy at the hardware store don't always give you the whole picture. This is why you want the most reliable radon mitigation contractor in the First State,  Lawson Home Services, to conduct a detailed test of your home. 

This homeowner decided to have a radon depressurization system installed in his home. Radon mitigation works by creating a suction underneath the basement floor slab, effectively sucking the radon out of the soil like a hungry teenager drinking a milkshake through a straw.
Radon mitigation equipment is not as expensive as you might imagine. The installation is quick and the equipment is easy to service. A suction gauge is provided so homeowners can check the functioning of the equipment at a glance.  

Studies have shown that radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer., responsible for at least 15% of all lung cancers diagnosed in the USA each year. Unacceptably high levels of indoor radon concentration affects one in every fifteen American homes. Yours could be one of them. Why not find out? 

Radon Mitigation System in Smyrna, DE - Photo 1Radon Mitigation System in Smyrna, DE - Photo 2Radon Mitigation System in Smyrna, DE - Photo 3Radon Mitigation System in Smyrna, DE - Photo 4Radon Mitigation System in Smyrna, DE - Photo 5
Radon Measurement in Smyrna, DE

Radon occurs naturally in the soil and can get trapped inside your home where it breaks down into radioactive particles that get lodged in your lung tissues. The radioactive particles are known to cause cancer. The risk of getting cancer from exposure to a level of 1 pCi/l inside a home is comparable to smoking  2-3 cigarettes per day. 

As part of our routine Energy Audit Lawson Home Services performed a measurement of the Radon Gas concentration inside this Smyrna, DE home and found it to be 1.6 pCi/l, just slightly below the 2.0 level at which the EPA suggests the homeowner take action.  
Although Radon can and does occur in all parts of Delaware, it occurs with much greater frequency in the central and northern parts of the state. Regardless of where you live in Delaware it makes good sense to have your home tested. It's inexpensive and it can give you great peace of mind to know the level of risk inside your home.

If your test uncovers a radon level inside your home that makes you feel uncomfortable, Lawson Home Services can  prepare an estimate for the installation of an effective and affordable radon mitigation system in your home. 



Radon System Service in Smyrna, DE

Lawson Home Services inspect and service all Radon Mitigation Systems, not just those installed by Lawson Home Services.


This Smyrna, DE homeowner call us about a strange noise coming from her radon system.


Lawson Home Service service tech Donnie, disassembled the vacuum fan unit and found a large amount of debris inside the vacuum fan, including dead grasshoppers.  He cleaned and re-assembled the unit. 


Now the homeowner can rest assured her Radon System is working properly, and quietly.

Radon System Service in Smyrna, DE - Photo 1
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Radon test was 5.3 which I read was high. Concerned about negative health effects
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Have attic mold around my bathroom exhaust fan. New exhaust fan pipe was put in around 2019 so moisture must be getting in the attic somehow.
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I'll start with my weakness, first time homeowner I don't know what my house need and don't. I'm looking for an honest company that can come to my home and tell me if I need all don't an air sealing or insulation. Sincerely, Sal
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Need my outside wall in my garage insulted...
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Our house was built in 1880 and is in desperate need of insulation. The house is running the heater nonstop and some rooms are extremely cold.
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Need a quote for a new construction blower door test.
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Air conditioner temperature at registers is only 8-10 degrees below thermostat temperature setting(66 Degrees F) Duct leakage is suspected
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Second floor of home is about 5-6 degrees higher than 1st floor temp.
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Got a new home with radon level over 4. Try to get it retested, then mitigate it if needed. Thanks.
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Just want to make sure basement is safe for my son .

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