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Learn more about Lawson Home Services' recent work requests in Newark, DE
Vicinity of Renee Ln in Newark
Feeling drafts in living area and energy bills in winter are averaging at $300 a month.
Vicinity of Tessa Court in Newark
Hot in the summer and cold in the winter upstairs.
Vicinity of Arbour Drive in Newark
We have an older house built in 1963. Our heating and cooling bills are very high and the house is very crafty. We are looking for ways to better insulate the home and save money.
Vicinity of Edward CT in Newark
I'm having old bat feces soiled insulation removed and will need to have new installation placed in my attic
Vicinity of Nonantum Dr in Newark
Ghosting in a bedroom ceiling
Vicinity of E GREEN VALLEY CIRCLE in Newark
Dryer vent /ducts are blocked /clogged up. Previous owner did not mention same in settlement. And it was not discovered in the Home Inspection or Appraisal.
Vicinity of Alexandria Drive in Newark
Need to insulate the garage ceiling so that bedroom above is warm during the winter.
Vicinity of Kayser Ct in Newark
We need a home energy audit before we can apply for a rebate for installing an Energy Start tankless hot water heater.
Vicinity of Britain Court in Newark
Need air ducts and chimney cleaned ASAP
Vicinity of Sebastian Drive in Newark
Cold floors above garage
Vicinity of W Main Street in Newark
Looking for an estimate for air duct cleaning for a home I am purchasing. It is a 4 zone system with approximately 42 vents and returns (combined)
Vicinity of Woodpecker Road in Newark
Above master bedroom with the windy weather hear cracking annoying noises in attic. Also wondering if there is any insulation by son's bedroom. His room is always cold.
Vicinity of Hayden Way in Newark
Would like to discuss whole house insulation , techniques used and project costs. Thanks. Chau
Vicinity of Highfield Drive in Newark
Recently purchased an older home. Would like a review of current state and options for properly insulating attic space.
Vicinity of Birchwood Dr in Newark
The home inspector in my recently purchased home had advised me to see about insulation for the attic. He said there was little to none there.
Vicinity of Kollman Drive in Newark
House is ~ 65 years old and the insulation in the attic is the true fiberglass insulation. Would like to get a estimate on what it would cost to have the whole attic insulated better.
Vicinity of W Cherokee Dr in Newark
Need price for 4 bedroom home to clean ducts? Please email me with price
Vicinity of S Brownleaf Rd in Newark
Estimate for duct cleaning
Vicinity of N. Hunter Forge Rd. in Newark
I am in need of foam insulation under an elevated screen room and bay window area.
Vicinity of Flint Rd. in Newark
New additions and crawl spaces. extra attic insulation.
Vicinity of W Seneca Drive in Newark
We have a finished basement that is freezing in the winter. Also, a duct in the basement that drips water in the summer.
Vicinity of Octave Ct. in Newark
Air duct cleaning, possible leaks
Vicinity of Adelene in Newark
Small home I'm moving back into after renting to college kids, need ductwork cleaned, and would like an estimate. Would like t have the work performed within a week.
Vicinity of Holloway Circle in Newark
Air vents cleaning
Vicinity of Three Rivers Dr in Newark
Mold being spread in the house.
Vicinity of E. Stephen Dr. in Newark
Looking to get craw space and duct work properly insulated.
Vicinity of Art Lane in Newark
We bought a house a year ago. home was built in the 1960s. Geothermal unit installed last april. Concerned with insulation in the house and would like to see where we could reduce our energy costs.
Vicinity of Elderfield Rd in Newark
My house is very drafty, and I have noticed that there are air leaks. Bedroom wall's that are along the exterior walls are temperature sensitive, when its cold out, the wall will be cold. Also, I have to run the heat/ac at values lower than what I would like despite having a brand new unit to keep prices under control.
Vicinity of Georgian Circle in Newark
Control moisture in basement / crawlspace
Vicinity of Johnce Rd in Newark
Purchased a home that is 21 yrs old and was a rental property. would like the duct work and vents cleaned.
Vicinity of Ridgewood Turn in Newark
Crawl space cold
Vicinity of Adel Dr in Newark
I am looking for a price to fill a CMU buildings cores 19 x 23 9' tall.
Vicinity of Dallam in Newark
Looking for a budget price for blower door test for the city of Newark De. 19711 New Construction
Vicinity of Cauline Court in Newark
High energy bills
Vicinity of Lynn Drive in Newark
I live in a ranch house with 1552 sq feet of living space. We had the ducts clean about 15 years ago and really didn't see any difference. I'm hoping your technology can remove most of the dust we are seeing. There are 14 vents (including intake vents). I would like the ducts cleaned and sanitized. I am also looking for someone to clean the crawl space, which is under 1/2 of the house (the other is a basement). To schedule an appointment, please email any time but I'd rather no calls until after 1/19. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cannonball Ln in Newark
I'm looking for a company to clean air ducts in my 3-bedroom townhouse.
Vicinity of Donna Dr in Newark
I need a air duct cleaning in the house, we just both house 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom. Thanks
Vicinity of Virginia Ave in Newark
Looking to have attic spray foam insulated.
Vicinity of E Rutherford in Newark
Need quote on cellulose insulation for attic.
Vicinity of Piano Dr. in Newark
We are interested in having an estimate for added blown in insulation in our 1200 sq. ft. home ASAP. Thanks
Vicinity of New Side Court in Newark
1968 Robino built home, holiday split model. Original insulation. House rewrapped in vinyl and foam board in past 7 years, new roof, new vinyl windows. However, during winter, outside walls are cold and ceilings are super cold. Hardly any insulation in outside walls and loose insulation in attics. A/C is in attic and is inefficient on super hot days, insulated flexible ducts run thru attics to vents in ceilings, so long runs from the attic A/C unit heat up.
Vicinity of Frenchtown Road in Newark
Would like to learn more about how your home energy audit can help save on heating/cooling costs year round.
Vicinity of Rosetree Lane in Newark
Need air ducts cleaned.
Vicinity of Old County Rd in Newark
I would like to have my crawl space checked as well as my insulation and ductwork...
Vicinity of Welwyn Road in Newark
Would like to insulate attic
Vicinity of W. Main St. in Newark
I am buying a 1928 bungalow next Friday, 5/30, that has no insulation in the walls and attic.
Vicinity of S Harmony Rd in Newark
Duct cleaning stimate
Vicinity of Gershwin Circle in Newark
I bought my house as a flipped house and I think the attic crawl space needs more insulation because my house always feels cool no matter what I put the thermostat on.
Vicinity of Arbour Drive in Newark
I would like to receive an estimate to upgrade the R-19 insulation in our attic. We are just at the beginning of our search for this service.
Vicinity of Guilford Court in Newark
Would like an estimate for duct cleaning.
Vicinity of Pennwood St. in Newark
Crawl space under family room and fireplace that now has a gas insert .
Vicinity of Glen Avon Dr in Newark
I wanted my air ducts and vents to be cleaned.
Vicinity of Barnwell Lane in Newark
Looking to have vapor barrier removed and get 2" rigid foam board insulation placed on walls and 1" on floor. Would like quote
Vicinity of SQUIRREL LANE in Newark
Vicinity of Lullaby Ln in Newark
I am concerend about the chill in my home. I have air leaks somewhere but im unable to determine the source.
Vicinity of Barnard St in Newark
My home was built in '72 - I know the insulation is not up to standard - and I am sure house needs to be air sealed before adding more installation. House is ~2000 sq feet of living space - two story - approx 800 sq. feet of footprint (w/o garage)
Vicinity of Madison Dr in Newark
We need spray foam in the ceiling where we are looking to install a tray ceiling in the master bedroom.
Vicinity of S Gerald Drive in Newark
I purchased this 50-yr old house in spring 2011 and want to know how I can improve my winter heating bills.
Vicinity of Terrrapin Lane in Newark
Pole barn 30'x34'x12' Would like R-20 the bldg will have plywood on the inside walls
Vicinity of Upper Pike Creek Rd in Newark
I am converting a loft area above a horse barn into living quarters and need a complete insulation job. Geothermal heating and cooling system already installed.
Vicinity of Whitefawn Road in Newark
I have alot of moisture on my inside corner ceilings inside of house in winter just noticed possible ice dams or not enough inulation or baffles installed?
Vicinity of N. Hunter Forge Rd. in Newark
I am looking for ways to reduce my kWh consumption and save on my monthly electric bill. I am considering alternative energy sources such as solar, and want to have a home energy audit to identify any other potential ways to save as well.
Vicinity of Bay Blvd in Newark
How to insulate my home better
Vicinity of Old Baltimore Pike in Newark
I have a heating oil boiler system, but i want to exchange it to a gas boiler. just heating not cooling.
Vicinity of Cassandra Dr. in Newark
I would like to get a free estimate for blown in attic insulation
Vicinity of Broadleaf Dr in Newark
Hot upstairs and drafty. Additional information: Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades Selected services: Insulation, Air Sealing
Vicinity of N. Dillwyn Rd. in Newark
Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades, Selected services: Insulation, Windows and Doors
Vicinity of Myers Rd in Newark
Interested in: I'm not sure, please have someone contact me, Selected services:
Vicinity of Tally Ho Circle in Newark
Attic insulation Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades, Selected services: Insulation
Vicinity of N. Valley Stream Circle in Newark
Install new insulation master bedroom in cathedral ceiling and sun room 19x19.
Vicinity of Fantasia Dr in Newark
We would like a estimate on reinsulating our home.

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