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Before and After Pictures from Lewes
Dryer vent COMPLETELY clogged in Lewes, DE

Dryer vent COMPLETELY clogged in Lewes, DE

Before After
Dryer vent COMPLETELY clogged in Lewes, DE Dryer vent COMPLETELY clogged in Lewes, DE

The clothes dryer in your house uses a lot of energy, more than any other appliance. That's why it's crucial to make sure it works really well. Dryers remove wetness from your clothes by pushing the damp air outside through a special duct tube. So, it's essential to clean that tube regularly, especially if it's a long tube, to keep your dryer running efficiently. Over time that saves a homeowner a tremendous amount of money.


Dryer ducts have a special one-way flap where the duct exits the house, to keep vermin and insects from entering your home through the ductwork. The flap on this duct had become frozen shut by the dirt and lint. Once the Lawson Home Services technician cleaned the ducts and fixed the flap this dryer was working like a champ  

Pests in this dryer vent - Lewes, DE

Pests in this dryer vent - Lewes, DE

Before After
Pests in this dryer vent - Lewes, DE Pests in this dryer vent - Lewes, DE

Sometimes the flaps on your dryer vent get dirty and don't close properly.  This allows all kinds of dirt and debris to get inside the dryer ductwork, including things brought in by vermin seeking a nice warm home.  That appears to be the case here, in this Lewes, DE home.  As you can see in the picture, in addition to the lint left behind by the dryer exhaust there are seeds and grass, which indicate mice, rats, or birds have been hanging out in this nice warm shelter.


Lawson Home Service's technician cleaned out the flex-ductwork and flap to improve the amount of airflow and ensure the unwelcome visitors did not return in the future to wreak havoc upon this unsuspecting homeowner. 

Crawl Space Makeover in Delaware

Crawl Space Makeover in Delaware

Before After
Crawl Space Makeover in Delaware Crawl Space Makeover in Delaware

Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva worked with DryZone, LLC to encapsulate and waterproof one local homeowner's crawl space. This is all part of Tye Pennington's "Extreme Home Makeover: House Edition".

This transformation is amazing-- take a look!

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You and your team did a beautiful , professional job
Testimonial by Robert C. from Lewes, DE
Judith answered a survey about Dr. Energy Saver's services. These are her remarks about the company.
Testimonial by Judith R. from Lewes, DE

Home Insulation & Air Duct Repair Services You Can Trust in Lewes

Lawson Home Services is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with the least amount of hassle.

Home Insulation & Air Sealing

Does your home feel too hot in the summer or cold in the winter? Are your heat and air conditioning constantly running to keep your home at a comfortable temperature?  If so, odds are your home is in need of an insulation upgrade. At Lawson Home Services, we specialize in home insulation and air sealing services that can help improve the energy efficiency of your home. We offer a variety of insulation services including rigid foam, blown-in. cellulose, fiberglass, radiant barrier, and much more. We understand that using the right type of insulation is only half of the equation, and because of this, we can insulate your entire home including the attic, basement, walls, garage, and much more. If your home is in need of an insulation upgrade, contact the experts at Lawson Home Services today for a FREE quote, we fix uncomfortable homes! 

Custom Home Energy Audits

The best way to determine what the cause of your home's inefficiencies are is by performing a home energy audit. Our custom home energy audit can help us discover the root cause for your home's issues, and while we are going through the house, we can figure out what solutions we can use to permanently fix this. Before we start going through the home, we will sit down with you to see what your primary concerns are, and we will make these issues a priority. Once we have completed the audit, we will talk with you again to go over the results and our findings. Based on what we uncover, we will make recommendations to fix your home and create a more energy-efficient environment you and your family will enjoy for years to come! Contact us today for a home energy consultation. 

Radon Testing & Mitigation 

Radon is a naturally occurring invisible & odorless gas that can have a big impact on the air quality of your home. Radon is also the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke. High levels of radon gas are commonly found throughout Delaware & E. Shore Maryland and because radon gas cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted the only way to ensure that you and your family are not affected by this dangerous gas is to have one of our experts visit your home and perform proper testing. Radon testing is the fastest & most effective way to ensure the safety of your family. Depending on the results of the test, Lawson Home Services can offer several radon mitigation solutions that will limit exposure to the gas and also ventilate it away from your home. Our radon mitigation methods are highly successful and we always stand behind our work! To learn more about radon gas mitigation and testing call or click today!

Case Studies From Lewes
These wise homeowners in Lewes, DE made a great decision back in 2013 when they chose to have Dr. Energy Saver install a CleanSpace™ Crawlspace...
Press Releases From Lewes
Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva's Owner David Lawson, is fundraising $5000 to support Special Olympics Del...
Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva's Owner David Lawson, is fundraising $5000 to support Special Olympics Delaware through participation in the 22nd annual Lewes Polar Bear Plunge on February 3, 2013.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Lewes, DE
Annual SaniDry Dehumidifier Service in Lewes, DE

Coastal is wonderful but owning a seaside home is not without problems. High relative humidity levels outside cause can cause condensation and moisture inside the home, resulting in poor air quality due to the grown of mold and bacteria, but can also cause highly expensive damage to the structure of the home when the wooden supporting structures begin to rot. That's why the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommend maintaining an indoor relative humidity level below 55%


Back in 2017, Lawson Home Services, a Dr. Energy Saver Contractor, installed a Sedona™ SaniDry dehumidifier in the home of this sensible Lewes, DE resident. He was very happy with the results and gave us a five-star rating for each of the questions on the Customer Satisfaction Survey he returned to us. We've been returning ever since to service his dehumidifier.


As you can see in the pictures, the SaniDry dehumidifier is working perfectly to maintain the recommended relative humidity levels below 55% inside the home. We can also see the moisture content of the wood, as measured by the hygrometer as being an ideal 11.8%, and well below the 20% threshold above which fungal growth begins to contribute to the rotting of structural timbers. 

Annual SaniDry Dehumidifier Service in Lewes, DE - Photo 1Annual SaniDry Dehumidifier Service in Lewes, DE - Photo 2
Annual Maintenance in Lewes, DE

Crawl spaces are typically outfitted with a sump pump system to discharge any water that may seep underneath the home.  As a result the sump pumps are subjected to water that has a lot muddy water.  Minerals that are dissolved in the water become encrusted on the pump and its moving parts. When this occurs the floats, which turn the sump pump on when water is present, may fail to operate, allowing the crawlspace to become a swimming pool. Not only will this invite all kinds of unwanted vermin and pests, but may cause serious damage to expensive mechanical equipment situated in the crawlspace, such as heating and air conditioning systems.


Who wants to run a spa for rats, bugs, and nasty microbes in the crawlspace beneath their home? It is critical to have crawlspaces inspected annually, to discover issues and fix them before they bloom in major problems that will put a big dent in your bank account. 


Call Lawson Home Services to set up an annual maintenance and service for your home crawlspace. 

Annual Maintenance in Lewes, DE - Photo 1
Duct Cleaning in Lewes, DE

This Lewes, DE homeowner had an issue with seasonal allergens and wanted to see if Lawson Home Services could do something to improve the air quality in his home.  An inspection revealed a great amount of dust and debris had accumulated in the heating and air conditioning ductwork. 


Grimy ductwork is like a garden where all sorts of fungi and nasty microbes can grow.  The dust and microbes are then blown throughout the home whenever the heating or air conditioning system is running. The best solution in this case is Lawson's Platinum Duct Cleaning service which leaves the ductwork looking like it did the day it was installed (maybe even better).


In addition we recommended installing a BreatheEZ™ UVC light. UV light, a form of radiation that damages the DNA of bacteria and viruses, is a safe and effective way to kill microbes. 

Duct Cleaning in Lewes, DE - Photo 1
Flooding and Mold Growth Found in Lewes, DE Crawl Space

A dry crawl space is one of the most beneficial aspects a home could have.  Yet when Lewes, DE homeowners Michele and Edward B. found that their crawl space was in less than ideal condition, they immediately asked around their friends and family for a waterproofing company. They were soon referred to Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva by a family friend, who they contacted shortly after.


After being contacted, Delmarva immediately sent out a representative to service the Lewes, DE couple.  The couple was met by crawl space remediation specialist Michael Alicknavitch, who decided to take a look at their crawl space.  After a quick evaluation, Michael determined that outside moisture was making its way into the crawl space, creating ideal conditions for mold growth and excess flooding.  Luckily for the couple Michael knew exactly how to solve the problem.  To prevent future flooding incidents, Michael recommended waterproofing products such as a CleanSpace encapsulation system, CleanSpace drainage matting, Everlast crawl space access door and a condensation pump.  The combination of these products will keep outside moisture from getting inside the crawl space, ensuring it will remain dry.  To eliminate the mold problem, Michael proposed MoldX to the affected areas and then installing a SaniDry CX dehumidification system to keep the crawl space dry.  


With the recommendations agreed upon, Michael called in Delmarva’s Production Team One to complete the installation and remediation process.  The Lewes, DE couple no longer has to worry about water affecting their crawl space and can rest easy at night knowing the professionals at Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva have given their crawl space long lasting solutions.

Damaged Ducts Saved and Repaired in Lewes, DE Home

Having work done at the same time, Lewes, DE homeowner Elliott P.’s contractor told him that the ductwork had become separated and needed repair.  Wanting an immediate fix, Elliot contacted Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva to come out and fix his ducts.


That same day, Elliott was met by Delmarva representative Michael Alicknavitch to look at his problem and diagnose a solution.  After looking at the damaged ductwork, Michael noticed that one of the ducts had been crushed and needed immediate attention.  To service the ducts, Michael recommended new ducts be ordered and installed and fitted with insulation to ensure the best results for Elliott’s home.  


Once the ducts had come in, Michael and Delmarva’s Production Team One met with Elliott at his home to install the ducts.  Never underestimate the severity of a situation! With the newly installed duct system, Elliott's home is now more efficient and will continue to be in the oncoming years!

Work Requests From Lewes, DE
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Project Location: Lewes, DE
Need to replace insulation in my attic due to water intrusion from condensing HVAC issue.
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We have a three season room that we need to insulate.
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I just bought a home in Lewes DE and looking for quotes to install a moisture barrier in the crawl space and re-insulate it, as the insulation is coming out per the home inspection.
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We wish to mitigate risk before installing work shop in basement
Project Location: Lewes, DE
1. Provide insulation above 3 car garage and in one outside wall. 2. Remedy leak into conditioned crawl space at sewer pipe penetration.
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We're looking for an estimate to a duct cleaning on our single family home in Lewes, DE. Thank you
Project Location: Lewes, DE
Radon Mitigation at New K. Hov home (Tower Hill) Neighbors interested in service as well. Our levels are now above 10.
Project Location: Lewes, DE
Looking for a complete home energy audit and DEFINITELY interested in upgrading the insulation throughout the attached 2-car garage with unfinished bonus room above. Thanks!
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I'm looking at getting a radon mitigation system installed and would like some information and quote.
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End cap installed on main duct line in the attic; advice about additional insulation.
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Looking to get a new HVAC, recommended to get an energy audit to determine correct size and potential rebate.
Project Location: Lewes, DE
Looking for radon abatement. Our level was 2.9 pCi/L
Project Location: Lewes, DE
Was tested for radon. levels were 4.3 looking for price for system thank you
Project Location: Lewes, DE
I'm selling my home in Delaware and the buyers have had a radon test done that had inconsistent results but the average was less than four. The test is being redone and I'm anticipating we will have to install a remediation system which is why I need a quote
Project Location: Lewes, DE
I am purchasing a home in Lewes and the home inspection has shown some mold and moisture issues. I need to get an estimate on encapsulation, insulation and a larger humidifier for the crawl space. Asap. Thanks. Stay safe. Laurie
Project Location: Lewes, DE
Heater condensate freezing in attic. They recommended better attic insulation.
Project Location: Lewes, DE
I want to add blown in insulation above my garage
Project Location: Lewes, DE
Need estimate on crawlspace encapsulation.
Project Location: Lewes, DE
The builder of my house I believe used inferior insulation in the attic and over the garage, possibly in the walls of the garage as well. With climate change, I want my house to be as efficient as possible. I am considering R60 for the attic but need to discuss fiberglass vs blown vs foam.

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