Spray Foam Insulation - Injecting Foam Insulation into Exterior Walls with Clapboard

Dr. Energy Saver was called to add insulation to the exterior walls of an old Sears, Roebuck & Co. home. This particular home had hardly any insulation and the owner was spending a lot of money in heating bills. Dr. EnergySaver opted for using injection foam in this job. Injection foam doesn't expand like spray foam and can be applied to any existing wall cavity, either by itself or to increase the R-value of walls formerly insulated with fiberglass. Holes were drilled in the clapboard to access the wall cavities. After the foam was injected, the holes were plugged and repainted. Injection foam also closes structural gaps, sealing any air leaks in the walls. As a water-based product, injection foam doesn't emit toxic fumes or harsh smells. 
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