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Lawson Home Services Case Studies: Closed Cell Spray Foam in Dover, DE

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 by Martin Anyieni


The Problem: Air leaks at the top of a home with poorly insulated attic.

With the electric bills at an all-time high, most people don’t know that they are losing a lot of the heat they pay for to the outdoors. Warm air finds a way to leak from the home in an unending stream. Heat naturally rises and could be lost from a poorly insulated attic. Every cubic foot of air that leaks out of the top, a new cubic foot of outside air will leak from the bottom to replace the air that just left. In the summer this air has to be cooled and dehumidified and in the winter has to be heated. This can cause cold rooms and cold floors in the bottom of your house. Without a proper insulated attic, heat from inside will pass through your ceiling into the vented attic where it is lost. Standard fiber glass insulation does not stop air leakage and does not have a good R-value. As a result, your home is cold in the winter, and hot in the summer, higher eating and electric bills and uncomfortable rooms.


Dr. Energy Saver® Solution: Closed Cell Spray Foam to Air Seal and Insulate Attic Floor

The best way to solve this issue would be the closed cell spray foam. Closed cell spray foam completely seals the air, and insulates your attic floor. We would start by removing any existing insulation. The foam is then sprayed onto the attic floor between the ceiling joists. How is this the most efficient way to insulate your home? The cell spray foam has an expanding nature that seals all air leaks including joints between drywall and framing at the tops of all your walls. It also seals holes around pipes and wires, and between framing. If you intend on using your attic as storage space, a walk up or air handler is installed. Then, a thermal barrier coating will be applied. With these installments, air will be impossible to leak from the top of your house, and R-value will be at its highest.

Result- A more comfortable home top and bottom, rooms easier to heat and cool, lower fuel and electric bills.  

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